The majority of American households will have been exposed to the term ‘United Nations’ through publications regarding discussion currently taking place talks.

Despite this exposure many people actually know very little in regards to what the United States of America is contributing to within the conference.

At yesterday’s meeting of the Economic and Social Council, Associated Press met with the delegate for the United States of America to discuss exactly what America is aiming to address during this session as well as what we our currently contributing to international aid.

AP: What are the main issues the US has brought to be raised today?
USA: International Economic development is of high importance at present. Specifically doing this in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Global balance relies on this. The US has always been committed to assisting these countries and will continue to do so in future.

AP: Do you feel these issues have been adequately addressed at the present point in the conference?
USA: We definitely need more discussion and work within the draft referendums but they have been welcomed by the members.

AP: What part is the USA playing on the international aid scale, how has this been received in discussions today?
USA: Currently we are the largest provider of financial aid, providing double that of the second largest aid provider. However we are concerned with how this aid is spent and wish to ensure that it is being spent for a purpose and not on other things.

The USA has also cautioned that aid is only for temporary reliance. We would like to continue aid and help developing countries repair their economy.

AP: Which of the MDGs has America been focusing on most recently?
USA: All of the Millennium Development Goals are equally important and very difficult to prioritise. The Education sector is of high importance and working on extending it to secondary and tertiary levels will assist in the development opportunities of countries.


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