Kristy Davis for Associated Press.

“We need more international partnerships from developed countries over aid” the South African Delegate has commented during today’s discussions regarding international aid.

Aid alone is no longer considered to be an effective way to promote both political and social development within a country. Instead the role a country plays in the international market is deemed to be of higher value.

Bangladesh has called for a reduction of the tariffs placed on imported goods into developed countries. It is hoped that this will give struggling countries a chance in the highly competitive global market. The Economic and Social Council as whole agreed that aid should only be given if approved by an independent, international agency that monitors where the money will be distributed. It was also stressed by all present, that international aid should not be relied on as a long-term solution.

Discussions within the council have begun as to whether these agencies’ should train and employ locals to assist with promoting economic and social development and these assessments will continue to be discussed in the following days.


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