Millennium Development Goals: What will happen after the 2015 deadline?


The continuation of the Millennium Development Goals post 2015 dominated discussions at the initial meeting of the SAMUNC Economic and Social Council this morning.

Several issues with the current details of the goals were identified by delegates and potential future issues that these may cause were discussed.

In reference to the first MDG, to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, India stated “$1.25 per day is not practical for a person to actually survive on, it would only just buy substantial food not anything else.” The group as a whole identified inflation as a potential contributing factor to this figure no longer being adequate funds.

The idea of introducing a system that incorporates inflation into the target daily figure during next proposed ten year period, 2015-2025, was raised in response to this short coming. The practicality of this proposed measure has not yet been discussed at length as the resolutions remain in the draft stage.

Delegates have however highlighted the need to produce a more accurate system to measure success on a universal scale as not all countries begin on the same level and this may skew how the results are presented.


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