Delegates in the Legal Council at SAMUNC commenced negotiations by strongly asserting their state’s overall stance on cyberterrorism.

The committee appeared self interested in how nation states were able to gain and get ahead of other from this conference. Early on in the game, France were committed staying true to its motto “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” and prompted all states to follow its lead. Germany followed suit by agreeing and dedicated the floor time to explaining definitions.

The morning session was also an awakening of unexpected allegiances with the USA commending the DPKR’s commitment to combating cyber up to this point in time. The USA then pressed for the usage of Barry Collin’s 1980’s definition of “cyberterrorism” causing several prolonged unmoderated caucuses to clarify definitions.

It wasn’t until a LIVE tweet by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott which really got matters rolling. Bloody oath, about time, too.

Delegates hurried to start work on a working paper when matters were further inflamed when breaking news of allegations of an online scandal involving USA, FRANCE and the DPRK.

Without a shadow of doubt, this will impact on delegate negotiations whether in moderated caucuses or during a casual smoko.

A first draft of a working paper was submitted by the Republic of Korea and is currently being worked on.


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