Jennifer Nguyen for THE NT NEWS
Tuesday September 23

The largest contingent at SAMUNC experienced everything but smooth sailing.

This was a meeting aimed at eradicating nuclear weapons and the arguments put forth amounted to a verbal scuffle between sheilas v blokes. States openly disagreed on the specific framework terms which saw amendments flowing in from all parts of the globe.

The floor was dominated by those with nuclear interests while moderated caucuses were flavoured with apprehension – the South African delegate placed pressure on states by referring to past and present political misconduct.

The DPRK sought to introduce new wording which could have limited UN governance on individual states. Iran were quick to support “operation sovereign borders” and the concluding vote split the committee 11: NO to 8 YES for that motion.

Despite the disputes, delegates were on a clear mission voting 13 FOR , 3 AGAINST and 4 ABSTAINING the passing of the resolution.

The committee benefited from the hard-yard preliminary labours, yielding fruits and tasting the sweet success that is diplomatic negotiations.

USA were handed a note which contained threatening messages. All states have abstained claiming responsibility.


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