Greg Reynolds for RUSSIA TODAY
Tuesday September 3

ECOSOC is discussing the continuing relevance of the Millennium Development Goals, and has seen strong discourse between developed and developing countries.

The Brazilian delegated characterized the discussion as about poverty, which aptly describes the sentiment throughout the committee.

Delegates for the United States and Japan affirmed their commitment to development, both in terms of human and financial capital.

However, rather than supporting a rethinking of the paradigm of MDGs, the United States has called for a rolling over of outdated goals. Throughout the committee, there was a strong notion that the MDGs, while having sufficient traction, are overly simplistic.

The delegate for India commented that this is a shift away from mere statistics and towards actually eliminating poverty. The goals must be relevant, and this is a key concern for the committee.

The South African delegate capped off discussions with a strong statement: “sustainable goals are more than a vision; it is about actually acting on [poverty] and creating a generation of people and citizens who are responsible and can take ownership of that process”.


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