Emma Doherty for FOX NEWS
Tuesday September 23

In breaking news this morning, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, has offered immediate refuge to the countless Christian citizens of Libya currently being targeted by the Islamist insurgents.

The proposed offer of refuge merely requires that the asylum-seeker be classified as a Christian from the regions affected by ISIS, in order to enable efficient and speedy processing for these victims. Similarly, France has offered temporary asylum to those adversely affected by the ISIS battalions.

When our Fox News correspondent enquired as to whether the US would be offering any similar support, the US was hesitant to respond. The US provided that they would ‘boost refugee intake’ from this area of the world, and that other nations should emulate this decision, but were reluctant to offer any information as to specific protections for targeted Christians.

The Obama administration has of yet offered no support to the countless persecuted Christians living in fear of their lives in Libya. In Iraq, which is already over ISIS control,  Christians have suffered grievously.

Reports from the Lansing State Journal indicate that Christians have been systematically murdered, some even through the excruciating and inhumane method of crucifixion.

To prevent this genocide from spreading further, it is absolutely vital for the Obama administration to offer protection for Christian Middle Easterns.


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