Ineke Mules for AL JAZEERA
Tuesday September 23

This meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council took on a rare tone of optimism this morning as delegates discussed solutions to eradicating extreme poverty.

The delegate for the US acknowledged that while there are still many regions where people have limited access to food and water, states should feel proud to have achieved a number of Millennium Development Goals before the 2015 deadline.

The US stressed the importance of coming together as a global community to tackle what they described as “the root of all insecurity issues.”

Brazil took the opportunity to highlight the recent success of their own welfare programmes, which ultimately saw the country removed from the world hunger map just last week.

The delegate for India also asked for support from other states, citing their ongoing struggle with extreme poverty which has created a significant gap between the rich and the poor and increasing levels of crime and violence.

The majority of the committee agreed that eradicating poverty was a three-fold problem which should include focus on education, the environment and economic development.

Nigeria in particular raised concerns over sustainable energy, calling it the “lifeblood of every country around the world.”

The delegate went on to suggest that while Nigeria is endowed with an enormous amount of resources, the bulk of its economic activity is based on the inherently finite sources of gas and oil.

At the time of publication, delegates were drafting their first working paper that seeks to address a number of pressing issues, including; eradicating extreme poverty, universal secondary school education, sustainable development, health, the environment and gender equality.


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