Ashleigh Pisani for THE GUARDIAN
Tuesday September 23

The UNHCR continued to develop a working paper in this morning’s session focusing on solving the crisis of rising global numbers of refugees.

Venezuela introduced a motion to amend a clause from:

“Calls upon developed nations to increase their annual refugee intake commensurate with the scale of the global crisis.”


“Calls upon developed nations to raise support for developing nations which house the vast majority if the world’s refugees & to increase their annual intake for refugee resettlement where possible.”

This resulted in a wide-ranging discussion as the various nations debated the likelihood of the amendment making a difference to resolving the current predicament.

Currently, developing nations feel that they are overburdened by asylum seekers when they are less able to accommodate them.

Rwanda, Sweden and Venezuela have requested that developed nations, who feel the strain far less than they do, increase the number of asylum seekers they accept each year, and if they refuse to do so or cannot do so due their concerns about lack of land mass per person, then they must increase the financial support offered to developing nations.

The discussion continues, but the continued ducking of responsibility by Western nations is looking far less feasible.

The developing world is insistent on holding them to account for what is after all a global problem.


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