Emma Doherty for FOX NEWS
Tuesday September 23

In the early hours of this morning, ISIS strengthened its grip on the Iranian capital city of Tripoli, strengthening its powers as the claw of this new strain of Islamic terrorism clenches the entirety of the Middle East.

Rwanda proposed a partnership between the UN and the African Union – so that areas of the country containing valuable resources would go under the control of predominantly African Union ‘peacekeeping’ forces.

Rwanda claimed that regions of the country containing oil rigs and mines should come under the control of their forces. They also claimed that in order to ensure regional effectiveness, the Arab League and African Union should annex their military powers.

At this, the US interjected and tried to place some restrictions on errant Rwandan power.

The US questioned what would exactly an appropriate number of AU forces would be, and the Rwanda was reluctant to make a response to this.

When the US questioned what proportion of forces would be from the African nations, Rwanda avoided the question, stating that ‘there were no figures as yet’ because the delegate was ‘not a qualified military strategist’ and was merely making an ‘estimation’. However Rwanda conceded that they wished for ‘local stakeholders’ to take control of the economically valuable area.

The US, seemingly the only country to make substantive and unbiased recommendations, put forth that whatever the forces used, immediate affirmative action should be taken.


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