Security Council: Is personal jest interfering with substantial developments?

Tuesday September 23

At this morning’s meeting of the UN Security Council the Nigerian Representative was on the receiving end of much criticism and ridicule. This may be, in part, due to his excessive use of traditional Nigerian proverbs or his eccentric choice of suit.

Unsure of whether this was strictly personal jest between delegates or in response to unpopular contributions throughout discussions, the Nigerian delegate was sought out to provide details to assist in the clarification of the issue.

Nigeria believes that there is a certain level of confusion within the unified Western approach to dealing with ISIS presence. It is believed that this has resulted from the West’s desire to “achieve too much.”

The representative explained that there are flaws in the current response papers: specifically, that they rely too much on Western force after ISIS has requested for their evacuation. The UK representative has shared views that this is the type of action that needs to be taken, as have the US and Chad.

In response these views the Nigerian Rep stated “I am concerned with the UK attitudes, as those in the current paper do not reflect those expressed in discussions yesterday.”


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