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Wednesday September 23

Throughout the duration of the 2014 ECOSOC discussions the group have been remarkably amicable considering the scale of the global issues they are addressing.

Although this would appear to be a positive thing, the press conference that took pace this morning questions has raised questions around the actual achievability of the proposed 2015-2025 Millennium Development Goals.

Regarding education the delegates have stated that they are aiming for 100% primary school attendance in combination with 50% secondary school enrolment. This is a very ambitious plan to propose, especially for developing countries.

The delegate from Brazil shared their belief that it is a genuinely achievable goal in developed countries, also stating that attendance in Brazil has increased from 42%-98% over the last ten year period.

Following this, the delegate from Bangladesh commented that it actually may not be possible to attain 100% attendance; however it is something that all countries should be working towards.

This figure is believed to increase the enrolment numbers at higher levels of education, which in turn will positively impact the economy of a country.


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