Emma Doherty for FOX NEWS
Wednesday September 24

The finalization of the LEGAL committee’s cyber-terrorism resolution is occurring at a rapid speed, to the obvious chagrin of North Korea.

In the words of the US delegate, the proposed resolution seeks to act ‘proactively to take a stance’ against cyber terrorism and improve cyber security worldwide.

However North Korea has taken issue at much of the proposed regulation framework, claiming that its implementation would impose “Western Imperialism” on all non-Western countries.

It must however be noted that according to the preambulatory text, this resolution is aimed at ‘non-state’ entities engaging in acts of cyber terrorism.

North Korea, though almost definitely guilty of cyber terrorism, is not going to be punished for it under the new international standards. Why, then, do they feel so persecuted?

The Republic of South Korea and the US both put forward the point that a separate panel and organisation such as the ICU should be used to implement this policy, because of its politically neutral stance. South Korea and the USA argued that the use of this panel would limit the politicization of cyber terrorism regulation.

After measured consideration, the US proposed that clause 4 be amended- the proposed amendment was to require that: “An arbitration panel be created by special treaty of the General Assembly”.

North Korea moved to debate this proposal; a transparent political maneuver given their obvious position against cyber terrorism regulation, which they have enforced time and time again throughout these discussions.


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