Greg Reynolds for RUSSIA TODAY
Wednesday September 24

A paradigm shift is occurring in the United Nations. 

The main instigator of humanitarianism and development is shifting from states to multilateral organizations, and consequently calls for funding have greatly expanded.

In keeping with shifting development goals and refugee regimes, developed nations have been relatively complacent in the dramatic rises in funds being requested of them.

In ECOSOC, the delegate for the United States commented that the US is committed to international development and is eager to step up its aid in light of recent developments.

The High Commission for Refugees has called for financing from nations with reference to the nation’s human development indicators and gross domestic produce.

Overall, it appears that multilateral action regarding development, human rights and the processing and status of refugees is increasing dramatically.

Whether the developed world can support these new regimes as strongly as they have pledged in light of declining economies and shrinking markets remains to be seen.


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