Jennifer Nguyen for THE NT NEWS
Wednesday September 24

Securing support from historical allies appeared to be a key strategic move.

Amendments to clause 4 of the Security Council’s draft resolution concerned the conferral of powers to NATO to help alleviate the complications in Libya.

imageKorea’s undue allegiance with USA saw the powerhouses on a pro-NATO platform. Delegates for Russia and China linked the USA’s interest in NATO to its capitalist regimes.

There were concerns over the restrictions on the UN if this were to pass. However, there were also neutral opinions on the matter and were heavily influential in the final say.

Rwanda eloquently persuaded with time on the floor and convinced the committee to vote against passing the amendment on the basis that it gave too much control to NATO.

At the time of publication, the security council were in the process of voting to pass a resolution. Keep in touch for the latest updates.


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