Abhinav Bharat has been bombed, 3 killed.

Ashleigh Pisani for THE GUARDIAN

The Chinese dam, Abhinav Bharat, has been bombed, killing three engineers.

The Guardian was speaking exclusively to Chinese and Indian delegates at the UN’s Crisis Council at the time of the attack and both nations expressed their condemnation in the strongest possible terms.

India sympathized with China citing previous attacks on Indian soil and vowed to do everything it can to bring the perpetrators to account.

India is under immense pressure to denounce the orchestrators of the bombing as it is well known that the extremist nationalist group who have claimed credit for the attack have ties to the Indian Government.

“India has not spoken out in favour of violence in any way, and while it has been firm in its condemnation for any unilateral action in regards to water it does not in any way support this action,” the Indian delegate said.

The dam has been a point of contention between China, Bangladesh and India because India claims it has diverted water west and therefore is depriving both countries of water, a serious concern for the water poor nation.

In 2014, China built the Zangmu Hydro Power Station (HPS) on the Yarlung Tsangpo river which flows on to become the Brahmaputra leading to rising tension between China and India.

India initially offered aid to China in the wake of their drought, which has seen 80 per cent of China’s cities suffer a lack of water.

The offer was rescinded after work on the dam began as it will divert 150 billion cubic metres of water and direct them into northern China for irrigation with 50 billion cubic metres of this coming from the Brahmaputra.

The bombings are just the latest in a series of Indian protests against the dam.


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