Cyber terrorism a sensitive topic at UN Legal council

Tamsin Scholz for AL JAZEERA

Conflict has intensified in the afternoon session of the Legal council over proposed punishments for acts of cyber terrorism.

France’s proposal to introduce a plan similar to their online copyright laws, which run on a three-strike policy, was met with derision by the delegate for Syria.

Though Syria insists it does not believe acts of cyber crime can be constituted as terrorism, it insisted the proposal was inadequate.

Rather, if cyber crime is to be considered as terrorism, it should be treated in the same manner as physical terrorism.

The delegate for Syria decried any suggested consequence should be a restriction on internet use.

“They should not be treated like naughty children and banned from the internet,” they said.

Nevertheless, the proposal seemed to have some support amongst other members.

The French delegate said they were pleased with the way the talks were progressing.

“We’re happy the committee is considering solving the problem of online terrorism, as we have been very disheartened by the recent events in regards to Charlie Hebdo.”

Tensions also rose between the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

While South Korea acknowledged the tensions, which come amid leaks North Korea’s nuclear program is ‘going well’, it refused to comment further.

Australia also condemned North Korea’s alleged attacks on a United State’s comedy channel, citing the hacking as an attack on freedom of speech.


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