Cyprus talks move forward, but concerns remain at the Security Council

Tamsin Scholz for AL JEEZRA

There were positive signs at the Security Council this morning with the majority of delegates in favour of a revised ANNAN plan to address the unification of Cyprus.

All delegates expressed a commitment to a more collaborative strategy that consults the Cypriot people, and find a solution to the crisis.

The relatively non-violent nature of the conflict has allowed it to be overlooked in the past, as other issues take precedence.

However, the Security Council has renewed its focus on the issue.

Russia vetoed the ANNAN plan in 2004 because it argued it breached protocol, but has since shifted its stance.

While the Russian delegate now believes this initiative is the best offered so far as it attempts to collaborate with the people, concerns do still remain.

China in particular expressed apprehension in regards to the validity of the new plan, but the remaining delegates all showed relative support.

The United Kingdom expressed hope this new plan will address the issues raised by the original ANNAN plan, and insisted there was no rush to implement a new strategy without consultation.

The talks continue.


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