Israeli-Iranian tensions, and disagreement over need for LAWS framework: DISEC

Tamsin Scholz for AL JAZEERA

Tensions have risen at the DISEC council after the United States proposed an interim document to provide a framework governing the development of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS).

The motion caused conflict within the council, with China arguing the suggestion of a framework is premature.

However, the majority of delegates cautiously supported the move.

Egypt followed up the US move by proposing a pre-emptive ban on the development of LAWS.

They argued the ban would ensure the weapons are not initially developed, and removes the problem of asking states to give up weapons they have already created.

This caused a strong reaction, with Israel, the US, the UK, Germany, South Korea and Russia all against an outright ban.

The potential positives for civilian technology, and defence capabilities proved a serious sticking point.

Iranian and Israeli relations also caused some tensions, with Iran accusing Israel of supporting the development of LAWS with intention of enhancing its own military arsenal.

Iran stated it was willing to compromise, but ultimately supported a pre-emptive ban.


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