SECURITY COUNCIL: statement from the Ambassador for Greece.

The island of Cyprus is a contentious issue between neighbours Greece and Turkey. The United Nations has administered a buffer zone and the United Kingdom also has some military base areas.

The following is a statement from the Ambassador for Greece released during the first committee session. There is much at stake for the nation state that is currently facing political instability, financial concerns and an uncertain future with the European Union.

PRESS RELEASE: The Ambassador for Greece

“The government of Greece and the Syriza party strongly support the exercise of Cypriot sovereign right. The government of Greece once held a policy of enosis, but this policy is no longer in place. The population transfers of the 20th century have largely solved the problems of cultural Greek minority’s in the Balkans, and population division separating communities on Cyprus has had a similar effect. To be clear, the Greek republic is in favour of a strong, independent and united Cyprus.
The Hellenic republic is a great believer in reunification, but believes the 2004 Anan plan was flawed in its overrepresentation of Turkish Cypriots, especially in the senate and presidential council. Greece values stability above all else, and strongly believes that the status quo would be far better than a flawed plan that might lead to conflict again. Greece could not support a new plan without significant shift in the balance of representation towards Greek Cypriots, and this view is clearly shared on the island amongst Greek Cypriots.
Greece has concerns about the exploitation of waters within the Republic of Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone by other nations, especially in regards to oil. The government of Greece believe strongly that this issue must be covered in any resolution, and that Cyprus’s sovereign rights to their waters be protected by this council. Greece believes that Turkey’s actions in sending warships and exploration vessels in other nations territory is a serious violation of international law. Greece looks forward to welcoming Turkey into the European brotherhood, but these actions do not abide European values.”


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