Progress in debate over Cyprus’ system of governance

Tamsin Scholz for AL JAZEERA

Russia has backed down from discussions over the appropriate governance for a unified Cyprus at the Security Council this morning.

While initially going against a suggestion by the United Kingdom that the role of Vice President should be allocated to a Turkish-Cypriot, the delegate then had a change of heart.

Instead, the delegate finished the session by stating that as a parliamentary system was considered adequate by Cyprus, the council should move on from the issue.

This followed lengthy discussions over the best system and role of quotas in Cyprus.

While the Council was unanimous in its desire for a system that supports and protects the rights of minorities, whether this should include quotas was a difficult point.

The United Kingdom accused Russia of hypocrisy in its refusal of a Greek President and Turkish Vice President, citing previous examples where they had supported this system.

The delegate argued Turkish Cypriots simply would not come to the negotiating table if their rights were not protected.

Support for a parliamentary system was also strong from the United States, pointing out its effectiveness.

The Nigerian delegate was also in favour of the plan, arguing this aspect of the original ANNAN plan was acceptable to Cypriots.

The debate was brought to an end with the beginnings of a solution visible.


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