SECURITY COUNCIL: emergency talks over Turkey-Cyprus conflict.

Tamsin Scholz for Al Jazeera

The United Kingdom has urged the Security Council to respond to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus with force.

The council was unanimous in its condemnation of Turkey, but divisions developed throughout discussion.

Nigeria moved to formally identify Turkey as the aggressor, which was generally supported.

However, the delegate for Russia expressed concerns the issue could be more complicated than it first appears.

They argued the council may have overlooked the wishes of Turkish-Cypriots, and suggested violence could perhaps be justified.

This point was strongly refuted by the United Kingdom.

The United States, which is a traditional ally of Turkey, insisted that the matter does not involve NATO.

Instead, it said it would offer logistic support to the United Kingdom but would not engage in active conflict without the sanction of the UN.

Turkey earlier today invaded across the border of the buffer zone between Cyprus and Turkish held Cyprus.

Around 100 people have been killed, including one UN peacekeeper.


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