Security Council resolution 2241 unanimously passed

By Tamsin Scholz for AL JAZEERA


The Security Council has passed a resolution on the current crisis in Cyprus with three votes for, and two abstentions.

The resolution identified Turkey as the aggressor, and demanded all its troops be recalled to behind the UN buffer zone.

It also identifies the actions of militants in Cyprus to be the responsibility of Turkey, and demands the release of all political prisoners.

Economic sanctions will be placed on Turkey until it complies with the UN’s requests.

The resolution also establishes the United Nations Intervention Force Cyprus (UNIFC), made up of armed forces from the EU and any other member states who wish to contribute.

This body is authorised to use whatever action necessary under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, to halt further Turkish advance and restore peace.

It is also authorised to establish a cease-fire.

Troops are intended to be removed from the island as necessary if and when the situation allows.

The United Kingdom military bases of Akrotiri and Dhekelia will open their borders to civilians fleeing the unrest until the UK sees fit to close them.


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