Dispute Resolution Procedure

Dispute Resolution Procedure

  1. The dispute resolution procedure outlined in this section applies to any disputes about matters arising under this agreement, under the rules of any relevant university, local, state or federal laws between the event, its secretariat members, general members, general participants or members of the general public;
  1. In this section ‘parties’ means a party to the dispute or the parties to the dispute;
  1. The parties may separately appoint a representative of their choosing for the purposes of the procedures in this term;
  1. Firstly there must be a genuine attempt to resolve any disputes at the professional level between the individuals involved;
  1. The secretariat members of the event may, at their discretion, provide a medium for the two individuals to, on record, attempt to resolve the situation;
  1. If the dispute remains unresolved or it is inappropriate for the matter to be dealt with between the individuals themselves and any given member of the secretariat, there must be must be a genuine attempt made to resolve the dispute via discussions between the parties involved and the secretary generals;
  1. If the dispute still remains unresolved, then the secretary generals are obligated ensure the dispute will be raised with the correct authorities;
  1. If the dispute is unable to be resolved at the professional level, and all of the steps referred to in clauses 4 to 7 have been taken, either party to the dispute may refer the matter to their legal council;
  1. All formal discussions in relation to any dispute will be recorded and kept in confidential storage for a period of no less than 3 years for the purpose of required reference by SAMUNC secretariat members;
  1. Access to confidential files relating to disputes will be granted upon the situation of:

(a) Majority vote of the secretariat members of SAMUNC;
(b) Formal request by a member of a relevant organisation:
(c) Court order;

  1. A record of granted requests will be held by the secretary of the secretariat for a period of 3 years, cross referenced with the dispute in question;
  1. While the dispute is being resolved, all action and work by the parties involved must continue as normal.

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