Internship Program

This year SAMUNC is running an internship program for the first time for high school students!!

Key Details

● Interns will volunteer to participate for at least one full day (Monday, Tuesday or
Wednesday) but can volunteer to participate for 2 or 3 days if they wish.
● A small number of interns will also be required on the Sunday, however Sunday interns
must be attending at least one other full day.
● Up to 14 interns required per day for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (2 per
● Up to 4 interns required on Sunday.
Eligibility criteria for interns
● South Australian High School Student

○ In years 10-12
● Must be able to commit to at least one full day
● Must be willing to listen to Exec and Directors and have a positive, helpful attitude!
Registration Cost
● $20 for just one day
● $35 in total if you do more than one day

○ Please note that Sunday interns must attend at least one other full day
Benefits of the program
● Getting to learn about international relations and politics in a fun and interactive way
● Witnessing MUN style debate first hand
● Listening to influential public speakers during the Q&A panel and keynote speech
● Meeting and getting to work with uni students from all over Australia
● Learning about public speaking and diplomacy
● Great for putting on your resume

○ Convenient for fulfilling school community service/volunteering hours (if
● Preparing you for when you’re a university student and can compete in SAMUNC!
Possible Roles of a SAMUNC Intern
● Passing on important messages for the executive and directors
● Observing debate and helping out directors where required
● Circulating daily news bulletins
● Passing notes for delegates
● Running the computer software in committee chambers
● Playing special roles (eg. pretending to be a foreign correspondent)
● Taking photos and videos to put on the conference FB, twitter, blog, insta, snapchat, etc.
● Whatever you want to concentrate on as an intern is up to you!

○ We will let you make use of your unique skills!
What your Registration Cost gets you
● Lunch on the day/days you are interning (excluding Sunday)
● Entry to the finale ball (and potentially other socials as well dependant on venues)
● A personalised intern T Shirt that must be worn during your time interning at SAMUNC
● A free delegate pack filled with goodies


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